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Complimentary  Consultation

This consultation is all about you.

What's your style identity, what are your style challenges, & how does your wardrobe play a part in your everyday lifestyle? I will go over what your needs and expectations are for your Closet, Wardrobe, and Style, and will put together a mapped-out plan.

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Closet Edit 

Too often we hear, I have a closet full of clothes, yet nothing to wear. That's because your closet is overtaken by clothing you will never reach for and you end up losing site of pieces you love. 

 Sounds like you're in need of a purge!

Together, we carefully go through your current wardrobe piece by piece and assess items that should be kept, and others to donated or consigned. Throughout this step I get a feel for your style identity and lifestyle needs, I begin to cultivate a list of new pieces needed to complete your wardrobe, and we clear some space of unwanted item that have cluttered your closet. 

Closet Organization

 Now that we have streamlined your wardrobe and ditched the clutter, the organization process begins!

During this step, I will strategically plan, organize, and merchandise your closet to reflect your lifestyle needs. Lets make sure that the piece that you really reach for everyday are hung and center!

Closet design not functioning? We can also assess and adjust your closet design so that you are maximizing every inch of space. 

So , whether you have just moved into your new closet, renovated your old one, or just need a revamp, getting dressed everyday just got a whole lot more fun! 

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Closet Styling 

   Lets Boutiquify your closet! 

Feel like you're organized but would just love to add in those special touches to make your closet feel just like your own little boutique heaven, then this the service for you! With my styled eye I will add in my favorite closet styling tools and make your closet feel like your own little shopping oasis.  

Personal  Styling

  With my style expertise, I then style full looks from your own wardrobe, giving your pieces new life. Showing you how to wear your wardrobe in different ways will help you get longevity out of your pieces.  I then will take images and catalogue each styled look I put together so you are able to quickly access them when getting ready.

Get ready in less time , with less stress!



Pricing is based on the size of the closet or space you are having edited/organized. I can tailor my services to as much or as little as you are needing. Please call to book your Complimentary Consultation.

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